It appears as if the French anti-piracy body Hadopi has begun sending notices to French ISPs to the tune of 10,000 IPs a day. It will then ramp up to 150,000 per day. This number is mind boggling when you compare it to the 28 IPs that Time Warner has to give up per month. Don’t worry though given that France has a population of just over 65 million it will take a whole 437 days to get everyone their first notice and in about 3 1/2 yrs everyone in France should have their third notice. After that nobody in France will be able to use the internet.

Per the law the providers need to identify the alleged infringers’ names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. If they’re unable or unwilling to do so within 8 days they risk a fine of 1,500 euros per day for each and every unidentified IP-address. The 3 Strikes law that is in place in France is quite extreme in that unlike most 3 strike laws you don’t need to be convinced of file sharing you only need to be accused so while the idea of an entire country being offline is obviously absurd its the end result if the current law stays as is without any pushback from the ISPs or public on their elected officials. It is unlikely that Hadopi will actually decrease piracy… that is until the entire nation is offline.